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PU Rigid Foam

Rigid Polyurethane FoamSpecifications:

Item Unit Technical Reference Detection
Density Kg/m³ 50±5 ASTM D1622/GB3643
Thermal Conductivity MPa <=0.023 ASTM C518/GB10294
Compressive Strength   >=0.20 ASTM C518/GB8813
Liquid Nitrogen Soak 8 Hours   No crack  
Burning Oxygen Index   26-30 GB2406
Spontaneous Combusion % Self - extinguished within 2 seconds after leaving fire source  
Bibulous Rate   <=4% USI2896
The use of temperature ºC -100~+100  

Performance and application:

Polyurethane foam is an ideal material for law-temperature insulation. It has low thermal conductivity, it is lightweight and vibration proof.
It is can be injection molded or on site sprayed. PU foam is being widely used as insulation material in oil refineries,chemical plants,ethylene projects,cold storage,refrigerator and building.
We supply foam material, Thermal Insulation Material with high quality and best price.
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