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Carbon fiber braid sleeve and Tape

Product Description

Carbon fiber sleeving is made of refined carbon fiber yarn woven, carbon fiber is a kind of new material with excellent mechanical property, the proportion is less than a quarter of the steel, carbon fiber resin composite materials tensile strength is generally more than 3500 Mpa which is 7 ~ 9 times of steel, with super flexibility, resistance to high temperature, light proportion, etc.
The sleeve is widely used to coversome irregular surface electric wire, cables or rubber hose, as well as it has superior stability and high torsional strength.

Technical parameters:

  1, Material quality: Carbon fiber
  2, Working temperature: 269 ºC to + 650 ºC
  3, Level of flame retardant: VW - 1
  4, Standard color: Black
  5, Certification: ROHS
  6, Cutting tools: Scissors
  7, Other features: Conductive
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